Saturday, January 14, 2012

Relationship Reflection

Relationships are important to me because it helps in improving my personality as well as shape my life.  Family is especially important to me because of so many reasons: I can always be myself around my family. My family supports me when I am surronded by trouble. I have positive relationships with my mother, brother, and cousins. My mother is my all; she has supported me from and infant and even now. My mother has supported me menatally, and financially. My father was my heart as well, he passed away in August of 09, and there has not been a day that I have not thought about him; although him and I did not engage in bonding conversations daily, I knew that he love me and I loved him; he knew that if he needed anything I would be there for him, I was there for him through his illness, I had to listen to the doctor tell him about his life threatening illness in which he passed away from; one of the hardest things that I had to deal with. I miss and love my father very much and sometimes can't believe that he is gone. I love my brother and support him very much as well, he is disable but I am always there for him. I am close to a few of my cousins and consider them as my close siblings. My cousins supported me so much through my father's death and I love them for that, I did not have to do anything around the house they did everything for my mother and I. 

My relationships are positive with my family and friends. My friends are always encouraging me and they are always remembering me during difficult times such as holidays, my fathers death date, my birthdate and any special event in my life; I have one friend we don't talk on a daily basis because of busy daily lives; but we when we do talk it is like we connect as soon as we see each other we pick back up from where we left off. I love my co-workers as well, they are also there from me when things are not going well in my life, they are always encouraging me.

Relationships can also be challenging; for example, I have a boyfriend and we have been in a relationship for a long time; it has not always been easy but we somehow tend to make it work. I am nice but I admit that sometimes I have my own faults and it is sometimes difficult for me to compromise; this is one thing that I really need to work on.
I believe that special characteristics make certain relationships for example, my friend of many years has a caring personality in which she is very genuine. I believe that a person who is genuine can really get along well with others; we connected from day one of our lives as if we are really sisters. My friend as well as my close cousins have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh and I believe that this is my personality.

I feel that my experiences with relationships with my family and friends will impact my work as an effective early childhood professional. My relationship with my parents taught me how to be genuine and caring; this is important when working with children and their families. I have learned the meaning of being supportive from family members which is very important when working with families to provide them the appropriate resources that is needed to help with their children.

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